To live and let live !!

Wishing a cherry Monday friends !!

Japanese friends
Japanese friends

I had a long break since we spoke last time all credits to busy work hours and last but not least my baby dog Pixie.

A good acquaintance told me an amazing fact of life that we have only have 36500 days in our hands to live provided we live for 100 years.

All of a sudden it made a lot more sense to me to make sure I have a meaningful life.
It should lead to a focused end .

Our soul food is  to meet more and more people and their lives we come across.

We all crave for new ventures and an eventful life .

We differ only at the level of craziness and passion ,some are dwelling in adventures  more often & some of us are just dragging life.

Its a journey of life time we have to decide,it depends on us whether to make it or break it.

During a fine trip to Japan a few years back inspired my friend to re think way of life ,it hit hard on mind which evoked a lot of new ideas.

The overall experience was undefinable  people in Japan are grounded and yet hardworking and passionate.

They carry no aggression which is commendable .

We love humble people
We love humble people

They aspire to live longer ,because life for them is not a drag at all,they want to live longer to use this human birth to fullest which is a mind blowing thought itself.

They do almost everything to prolong life expectancy be it , developing bio villages finding recyclable energy sources or simple use of green tea in their lifestyle.

They understand there is no development at cost of curtailing mother nature.

Since my blog inspires to be HappySexy and Fit,I would mention this new evoking idea which struck

my friend’s mind to start his own very first Green Tea brand” Luhta “.

Green Tea
Green Tea

He went all around doing his homework for green tea while in Japan ,which  is supposedly long life nectar and grown it here in lush gardens of Nilgiris.

Green tea as an entity has been there since ages obviously overpowered by major Tea market brands as it took decades literally to rest of world to finally discover benefits of Green tea.

Various versions in market are already available each one carries something unique about it .

Japanese Aesthetic Wabi Sabi
Japanese Aesthetic Wabi Sabi

Ginseng Green tea,Chamomile green tea, White tea, Tulsi green tea etc…..

Green teas are power dose of antioxidants anti depressants ,anti inflammatory,anti carcinogenic effects.

Polyphenol in tea especially Epigallocatechin 3 is bio active and eliminates free radicals which causes cancer cell generation or deteriorates cellular health.

The study followed over 40,000 Japanese participants between the ages of  40-79 for 11 years starting in 1994.

The participants who drank at least 5 cups of green tea per day had significantly lower risk of cardiovascular diseases than those who drank lesser than them.

Sometimes we spend this whole lifetime exploring our own roots .

One can’t achieve quantity and quality at the same time .Either of it will be compromised.

Those who wish to do more end up increasing their notch by traveling and taking up risk,where as others like to keep it simpler with quality of experiences and find a purpose in it .

According to me both are justified in any case we all aspire to live a long life .

Long live humanity !!! ❤  🙂


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