5 Factors influencing your Good life !!


So what is your idea of Good health?
Chirpily my friend replied good body weight on weighing scale with good looks on the waist that  is it!!!

As simple as it may sound ,but there are various other parameter in life which are contributing to our believes of good health or rather “PERFECT HEALTH”.
I have happily listed these down looking at current state of general health in a major population where it is also liable to vary person to person and place to place.
It is always said that What is urgent for you must not be important to me and vice versa.

There are few such facts and situations which has taken my undivided attention ,it can also be mere co incidence but such large numbers in a community can be also termed as Epidemic.

  1. Sleep
  2. Stress
  3. Hormones
  4. Immunity
  5. Gut Bacteria.

First thing first……..have you ever imagined that Good  Sleep is most awarded thing in life after long day of hard work.

Sleep Deprived
Sleep Deprived

1.Sleep- A good quality sleep defines quality life you own or lead.

There is thin line between sound sleep and sleep with snoring sound.

While we are asleep body goes through tremendous metabolic activities where it adjusts with various pending works which got missed during the day.

Not to forget a regular breathing and hear beating simultaneously with others.

Eg:- If you have forgotten to drink sufficient water throughout the day body tends to adjust towards this water scarcity and still carry out metabolic activities,knowing that there is no way human would wake up and replenish water supply.

Remember when sometimes you wake up suddenly and feeling heavily thirsty in middle of the night for no reason ??

This is body’s response which in turn disturbs our “Sound sleep”.

It is always better to be cautious before hand than disturbing your sleep or metabolism due to your ignorance.

We are blessed by nature to be able to adjust enormous such mistakes and ill treatment to our bodies.

stress metre
stress meter

2. Stress-

It is one of the highly used words from age range of 6 years to 90 years old.

It is termed as something unmanageable and endless in life.

It starts from a mere thought and can result into a medical emergency.

We all have two types of stress actively happening inside our head .

a) Voluntary Stress:- The stress which your aware of and want to make prominent changes.

It can be attached to any important piece of work where  you appoint your brain to roger it.

Now this duration might vary depending upon the time designated to finish the task.

It sometimes takes hours and sometimes ranges to months together.

The longer you linger to issues more prone you are to fall prey to this treatment less disorder.

b) In voluntary Stress:- Stress which is invisible but very much part of your life occupying a lobe in your head .

It can be any question which is unanswered since long.

It can be a worry for loved one.

I t can be an indirect thought which entered from a distant person ,a movie ,any art form .

Though involuntary but still cant be controlled majorly.



3. Hormones:- Tell me about it !!

Its not just said that hormones get on nerves ,they actually do.

We have various endocrine glands releasing various hormones regulating a proper , normal series of metabolic activities in the body.

Hormones play important role in how we carry a whole day.

Let me list a few very important one:-



Sex hormones like Estrogen and Testosterone.

Nowadays even men go through alot of hormonal imbalance /fluctuation resulting in dip in their sex hormones levels which is also causing infertility issue .

A fit body is always governed by the quality of hormones it release.

Contrary to this stress hormones like cortisol is very easily released sending overall health for a toss.

4. Immunity:-

OK!! Mr./Miss knows it all says claims to have a good “Immunity” that means she never falls sick with recurrent cough ,cold ,flu fever etc . 🙂

Is that also your idea of Immunity so far?

Time for some reality check – Its not only above things which define your Immunity in life.

Any change in place /Climate/Environment / circumstances reflects your response towards it .

Remember that until your last promotion and increment in workload you were doing just fine Health wise??

This is deterioration in over all health has something to do with your Immunity actually .

We are so comfortable in our cocooned lives that any change actually intimidates us ,we feel mentally ,physically,emotionally challenged towards these changes which lead to drop in our protective powers which in turn starts damaging our state of total health.

I have heard a lot people claiming to be highly  “immuned” to anything and everything which is either possible only when you are at Himalayas or too strong mentally to be in current world.



5. Gut bacteria :-

You remember lactobacilus named bacteria responsible for digesting milk or fermenting converting it into curd which we read in 8th or 9 th grade .

It is really fascinating how certain bacteria are actually good for health and eases out digestive process.

The approx amount of gut bacteria required per person is some where around 2-3 Trillions i.e. 2000-3000 lakhs  at any given time in our stomach which on average depends on various factors available also like pH of gastrointestinal tract.

A carbs and protein rich diet is highly acidic in pH when ingested

Acidic pH does not allow these to multiply thus strength goes down drastically .

Where as alkaline or neutral favors the multiplication a little better.

Most of the times the foods which we consume are acidic in nature and results in Acidic pH.

Like Wheat /rice/pasta/ Animals proteins etc.

Where as alkaline can be generated only with more veg juices , salads , leafy veg /soups and highfibre foods like Barley/Quinoa/Buckwheat etc.

Any heat forming food items or anything rich in carbs can be termed as acidic in pH post digestion.

There are various measure taken nowadays to introduce better probiotic bacteria in tummy to induce better digestion .

Which when on vegan diet works wonders.

So any given time if you want to analyze your self ditch the mirror /weighing scale.

Put these 5 points as your criteria judge I am sure you will be delighted with results.




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