Natural healers !

I am wondering If I am lucky or everyone around ,to having a cute pet ,with a natural propensity to heal or recover pains and hurts this faster!!

Last night I was suffering from menstrual cramps ,gloomy weather with a hint of thunder  was sufficient to amplify my condition.

All I craved was some loving touch and warmth to comfort me ,some how winded up work at office and reached home !

Lying flat on floor was in my own ,tragic mood,when suddenly felt some touch and few warm breathes around my face ,it was my baby dog Pixie :*

Apple of my Eye :*
Apple of my Eye :*

And I bounced back ,actually I had to since sometimes you  can not give up,when your kids are watching !!

He was indeed .

#Gratitude  #Divine #Love . 🙂


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