Will Happy go lucky!!


Be you
Be you

Today is one of those days when you are truly inspired to write it down on a paper ,because you have been really working for this to be jotted.
Its about pursuit of Happiness 🙂
I see a great change in time ,where we were fed with some basic thoughts from birth itself with only two close ended conclusions in every field of life .
I remember watching a comedy movie with a famous dialogue “Do batein ho sakti hain” means there can be only two possibilities.
Why we have so much limited thinking ??
We have this habit to anticipate every dimension and settle with only two way .
Its either this or that .
I see a new hope ,now which  is exciting and refreshing its just we need to get out of limited imagination syndrome.
We tend to follow typical route map to every milestone of life and those who do not follow map are considered “lost “.
Its a mere idea which confines or liberates you.
I have been listening reading a lot to churn all this Gyan (Knowledge) out to serve a good write up here 🙂
While talking to my friend today realized, not necessary we go by people’s speculation in life when you look at all your idols even they faced this rational approach to be on “safer side ” of world nad they clearly went against it .
I do not abide by that world anymore. I feel liberated I feel free ,most importantly I feel Happy 😀
You never know what you would learn from where ??? And on snap of finger your enlightened , eyes opened to an entire new tangent of life ,then you feel like going back each every person who told you same long back when you gave a deaf ear ,not because you were dumb ,but it was not your internal calling that moment ,
I feel grateful to every single person ,place ,event that took place in my life this moment to guide me to become What I am today.
So get out of prison of your thoughts .
You do not need to be certified good enough by this double standard society ,find your own standard and let them follow that .

There is midway to everything in life provided you believe there is one.

There is no rule book which says ,life can be only certain way ,and you can see its effect every where ,people are getting more helpful , caring ,concern , promoting , towards each other there is a sure competition but with a feeling of abundance .

I see more and more network marketing business booming which has a basic concept of mutual promotions you wont succeed without letting others succeed,you have to build a network means more and more people ,more and more places ,more and more interactions cross cultural understanding and bonding.

Provided its not done merely for “business”.

I work in an amazing culture with class room seating where we all work towards one goal .

I see people slogging their a** off not to defeat somebody ,but to purely succeed in place where they are which does open your mind to fact of such work culture can also exist .


Remember “My lovely people ”

What you are seeking  , is also seeking you !!


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