Energy Exchange

Every single atom of this worldly existence is a form of energy . We all are made of it and destroyed by it . Its very important to understand its significance what ever is the medium . I believe there should an equilibrium in every transaction to make sure maintenance of resources. It can be better explained in much simplified way called barter system. Its more like give and take system. Initially I use find this a very mean  way of approaching relationships / friendships/ professional courtships etc. But it is the fact of life and every alliance is based on that. Anything which goes around comes around . There are materialist things which can be a retrieved unlike  a few other forms  . Love ,affection , efforts.

Every kind of energy can be retrieved except the energy invested in form of physical presence .

Success of any relationship is dependent on amount of energy is been exchanged among two people or parties .

In order to keep the fairness it is important to keep energy flowing without any disruptions.

Sometimes just been a giver all the time might drain a person ,when his /her expectations are not met .

This silently creeps in as a frustration and later results into carter formation which impossible to be filled.

It is not selfish to be on   receiving end  as  one must appreciate the power of energy exchange which allows energy to flow from one media to another .

As Newton rightly said :-

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed it can be just transferred from one form to another “.

While  we were growing up there is an unconditionally flow energy towards ur from all the possible ways , be it our parents /teachers/siblings .

We are busy receiving ,lavishly and enjoying all this attention .

But as we grow up this unlimited supply get depleted day by day.

And we are forced to join givers club from takers in a fraction of second .

But if we are aware of this pattern from our childhood itself and are involved in a process of energy exchange in forms of donation ,charity,volunteering, social acts ,helping elders in chores .

Basically this brings a momentum of energy flow in our lives ,we will be more equipped to embrace givers club when we grow up.

This can be another way to appreciate present life ,feel more gratitude and attract more positive energy flowing towards us.

Change now for better
Change now for better

Where as extreme cases of unconditional energy flow do cause narcissism which can be very  lethal for our existence in this social circle where we need want to live in a perfect harmony with people .

Letting the energy flow or pass by makes us more humble ,and grateful towards life expectancy ,making us eligible for better experiences and rewards .

So pardon please let it move beyond you .

Pass on some good deed before you run out of your reserve.








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