Moving on and moving in all at the same time !!


Moving it up

Hey friends ! I see a lot of going on in our lives from the very beginning of this year !

I have a list of things coming my way to attend .
I started my new year at Bangalore Airport freezing throughout night waiting for fog to get cleared .

I was in Delhi Capital of India which was fascinating .
I had this long trip of 10 days after a gap of 2 whole years (of course other than home town visits).

I got an opportunity to meet new people with fresh thought process to motivate myself to look beyond expected from life .

I learnt new techniques and tools of coaching to up my game in Health and fitness.

I am moving into my new house in new phase of life .

I am so grateful to God for providing me with a better perception towards life and its possibility .

It’s amazing how you suddenly start vibrating on a higher plane .

I went to every single place including Qutub Minar , Cannaught Place , Delhi Haat , India Gate at Delhi witnessing my long time attachment with it .

Qutub minar
Qutub minar

Made friends for life .

I was astonished by reality of the events .

Since I always thought they were too good to be true.

I am currently moving on from been the Divya Suhaney I ever knew and moving in to an entirely new world of faith  leaps and happiness attached to it .

 Dr. Meg
Dr. Meg

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