Is it the Earth or Us !!

A very unique question keep haunting over the limit.
It is all about doing right if life is all about making right choices , how can one claim whether his/her choice is correct or appropriately selected .

Green revolution and its consequences
Green revolution and its consequences

There is a constant debate going on in order to prove
healthier practices and trust me there is no end to the awareness and best practices.

Over usage of chemicals
Over usage of chemicals

With a country dependent on Monsoon ,and different climates to decide on its feeding capacity to ever growing population we were hell bound to use hybrid techniques and excessive pesticide in order to protect our harvest that we have surpassed its limit of consumption causing  different consequence .

It is not the digestive system which is causing in tolerance or  malfunctioning  but the way we are treating our crops for commercial benefits .

Most pests , insects with crop damaging  have developed resistance towards all these chemicals and we have hit a wall.

It will  be smart to invent a method which genetically modifies the crop without much exposure of chemicals , because it is resulting into devastating diseases like Cancer tumors ,organ failure etc.

The other day I was just amazed to acknowledge the fact about the ease in access to any sort of information , is it a boon or a curse as it is  creating unwanted confusion in those who really don’t subscribe to it in first place.

Dramatic climate changes , global warming weather fluctuations etc have in real broken the back bone of our immune system.

Due to which people are in ultimate search for products which can help them to be disease free for a little longer than an average person around .

Organic future
Organic future

Approximately 60% population in a developing country like India is still struggling to  feed themselves .And promote healthy practices which does not really cause any nutritional deficiency or food  allergies in people consuming it .

But when your focus is to feed over 1.311 billion people ,  you really can’t talk about quality .


The primary policy objective of Department of Food and Public distribution is to ensure food securities for the country through timely and efficient procurement .

Mostly the upper middle socio economic status is found to be inquisitive about quality more which is basically for 2 reasons .

1. They can afford a good quality food compared to lower middle class.

2. They can’t afford a good quality medical facility bill compared to a higher socio economic class.

This proved How unfair can be life !!!!

So lets focus on getting something which promotes sustainability setting of living with harmony with nature which only constructs resources and not destruct them .


Coming soon is more info on harmonious living and growing !!


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