Two lessons of Life!!

This is hypothetical learning of my life which can be some What applied to people from all walks of life .
I am 32 years old and the only thing 1 have learnt so far is to be happy with your own soul and deeds.

So here it goes:-
Once upon a time I was wondering Why the world has become so insensitive ,ruthless suddenly , is it something which do not realize they head to work on in terms of true empathy ,comparison or even being thoughtful .

Is it so taxa-ting on everyone to be a little kind or even considerate you need not agree with each other in black but can be a grey area.

We end up proving ourselves so badly that we do not really love each other with certain disagreements .

Actually When we were about enter human body from our soulful version we were two teachings from God .
1. Be a good one.
2. Be confident about it .

It worked like ultimately key to survive earthly planet especially when you are facing constant comparisons and scrutiny .

But ironically as we do not have clear memories of our childhood ,How can we expect to remember something before we were born .

Though few of humans born on this planet did know these 2 lessons given by Almighty Lord and lived it up .

Example :- Mother Teresa, Maya Angelo, Nelson Mandela so on…..

But like it happens in Chinese Proverb half heard sentences turn into absolutely different or contrast from original message .happened in case of these two teachings  though above legends did confirm the zeist of it but perception is some thing which plays important role in establishing a concept in human brains .

So one fine day a soul decides to work on later part of message more than first lesson it self.

I can’t blame the soul completely because the world was turning into a highly judgmental place where you were judged by your projections be it genuine or fake.

This way more and more humans souls did listen to their lessons from almighty and followed them as much as possible but as usual they used their rational /logical brains to go about completing their homework on their home planets .

Being confident become surviving tool more than life lessons given by God.

It was so much crucial that people absolutely forgot about being good and confident , in fact it is a rare commonality .

The world got cluttered with obnoxious ,self absorbed ,people with goodness in traces but confidence to a level of sky.

Have you ever wondered most of “confident ” people in world today are sitting on best positions ,ognoring the need to be a good human being .

Example :- Donald Trump 

This ruthless clan of people is all the time busy converting you into one of them to make sure there no black sheep left  who turn out to be a torch bearer of humanity .

Eventually the plan is to diminish humanity ,the real quality to establish self absorbed ,robotic self centered population.

It is time we retrospect and grow out of our own miseries ,vulnerabilities , and turn true to ourselves.

Be good nevertheless ,despite being threatened by various mind devils or worldly devils to convert .

You would definitely make some connect more intensely with inner you and your creator .






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