The Fish and Crab Story !!

Friends I have been thinking out loud a story since few days ,which I am so keen to share with you… is mystical story about funny chemistry of a Cancer (Crab ) and Pisces (Fish ).

Been water born there is an amazing attraction and affinity among two ,but sometimes it does not work out that well.

What can be the reason for it ,is yet undefined .

I have this hypothesis which I would like to share , do let me know If you resonate with it.

Once upon time a beautiful fish stumbled upon a crab and both fell in love with each other , somewhere in their heads they knew they are meant for someone outside their clan…..

Though they looked absolutely different ,it felt great spending time with each other ……mesmerizing appearance kept them glued to one another.

Fish was very simple looking with not much color or fins ,her specialty was her see through skin where one could see her throbbing heart , flowing blood , her heaving breath in her chest , it felt so real and spooky at same time to be able to see someone from so close.

Crab was very eccentric , calm personality and who walked straight to the fish with all its charm and  swept her off her finns .

He was sturdy , promising and fun filled .

They swam together , played around , ate the best food available , socialized with new friends , made lovely plans of great future ,one thing was very clear among them was their commitment to each other.


Crab did have mood swings and fish did behave fishhy  in few days but at end they held each other closer and wept loudly at this irony of life & despite this cultural conflict they were crazy about each other…..

One fine day ….crab decided to take a leap in the way they were  living their lives , and transcended  to have a living on earth than water….

He had his own reason to do so….or may be suddenly he realized another go to for himself , no doubts Fish was distressed by this decision but continued to support him any way .

His reason of self discovery were strong and ambitious enough to keep him occupied and self centred beyond which nothing else actually mattered to him.

Eventually she had to let him go…..towards his journey among  his confusions , dilemma , retrospections  because it is needed for every person to grow ,weather or not they make it for a relationship.

Meanwhile on land pretending to be a terrestrial animal /insect with some tasty flesh Crab was facing new challenges and limitation to survive .

Things went wary
Things went wary

It is not that he faced no predators under water but he was ready new set of challenges which could have been curtailed otherwise , sometimes you really do not know Why people like to screw up their peace in life….never mind .

Every moment in our life whether good or bad is preparing you to face future .

Meanwhile on land Crab struggled with different living conditions , scorching sun , dryness ,humidity etc…..he did remember his good old days of ocean life which included a different sense of security , familiarity ,friends and clan .

He was now falling back to contemplate his decision of this new paradigm shift in living environment .

He was determined to conclude his decision be it good bad or ugly he believed he has all the time in the world to explore new ventures and paths to find the ultimate one for himself .


Fish was keeping faith over her love ,waiting endlessly for his return.

And one fine day there he was grinning from ear to ear  looking at Fish in her eyes and surrendering to fact that he belonged with her neither Land or Ocean it was her who made him feel home .

It was a needed break in monotony which created importance for simplicity they had in their lives .

I so love the Crab back for having returned back and Fish for having a faith and perseverance towards their bond .


Hurray !!!!








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